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FRAME SWITCH is an interactive documentary VR experience that transforms users into citizen journalists as they observe and document real-world moments of conflict. Users begin by choosing one of two 360 scenes: live combat with Iraqi soldiers fighting ISIS (produced by the New York Times) or a one-on-one encounter with a female rebel soldier in Congo (produced by independent journalist Julia Leeb.) In each scene the user-as-journalist captures video footage that they experience as most significant in that moment with a virtual smartphone. Ultimately it is a personal experience that illustrates the high stakes of wielding a camera during critical events as they happen.

An early version of FRAME SWITCH has been exhibited at Bit Bash 2019 at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Munich Medientage 2019, and VGA Gallery.


Chaz Evans, Director

Eric Espig, Creative Lead

Derrick Fields, Lead Artist

Jonathan Kinkley, Producer

Julia Leeb, Documentarian

Sean Moore, Production Assistant

Stephan Moore, Sound Designer

Russell Gillespie, Sound Designer

Brice Puls, Developer

FRAME SWITCH is a collaboration between VGA Gallery (Chicago) and the Media Majlis (Doha) and is supported by a MacArthur Foundation International Connections Grant.

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